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Our History

Located in the historic centre of Languedoc, the Vignobles Montagnac have been producing wine since 1937, numbering 500 winemakers from 8 communes farming 2000 hectares of vineyards. The Vignobles Montagnac are bordered by the Thau sea-lake on the south side, which is famous for its oysters and the Mediterranean sea, limestone cliffs to the north into which the Hérault river has carved out deep gorges. The vineyard stretches to the south of Montpellier, onto the coteaux which dominate the Hérault valley and the Mediterranean coast.

Our wines were exported to ancient Rome as shown by the MAF seal that was found on the amphoras of the Loupian villa whose ancient mosaics are shown in an on-site museum in the heart of the Vignobles Montagnac.
The winemakers perpetuate the enhancement of the ancestral winemaking heritage by putting large statues in the heart of the vineyards and the surrounding landscapes to be discovered during your visit to our wine warehouses.


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