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Grape picking is only decided upon after the quality and maturity of the harvest has been checked in the vineyard.
The berries will be picked at night or during the day depending on the quality sought and a meeting will be arranged with the winery, constantly concerned with putting quality first, to take the grape harvest. The winery uses wine-making technology adapted for each grape variety.
The most modern technology accompanies traditions and thus the Vignobles Montagnac have become a benchmark in the application and mastering of pre-fermentation maceration technologies of white and red musts.
Mastering these technologies along with tradition and experience allows the Vignobles Montagnac to offer enjoyable wines with character with worldwide production equivalent to 1,400,000 cases of wine.


Personalised services for wine merchants:

The Vignobles Montagnac have knowledge of blends, preparation of wines and bottling.
Our skills allow us to offer you personalised wines according to your desires from the blend to the bottling.

Respect for the environment

Worried about limiting its impact on the environment as much as possible, Montagnac vineyards treat their own waste water themselves by a natural process of forced evaporation.

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